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Usage Driven Power Station, De Zaat Temse

Power-Station will guide on the total creation of indutry 4.0

The goal of this ‘usage-driven Power-Station’ project at ‘De Zaat’ will be the realization of a total renovation of energy needs and supply by optimizing the individual existing technologies and combine, connect and integrate them with new technologies into a master usage-driven platform, because the future lies in combining technologies as much as it does in inventing new ones. This makes the site future-proof and fully optimized, not only for internal, but also external energy use. In the end, the energy management system will provide and/or demand energy based on usage forecasts by buildings, manufacturing processes, car charging, etc. This means the site will be able to perform an important function, i.e. balancing the power grid.

Within the scope we also aim to create an Ecorealistic (economic & ecologic) business case, for this the site needs to be ready for upcoming studies. By implementing these new technologies, we can decrease CO2 and other types of pollution. In addition to the ecological aspect, we also have the economical one, for the site owner there is a significant increase in independency, efficiency, reliability & security, all triggers to go for a usage-driven Power-Station solution.

 Contractors and developers are confronted with ever more stringent Flemish energy goals (EPB, BREEAM, NZEB in 2021…). Local electricity production and consumption is the way forward for a sustainable and affordable energy future. More and more buildings and business parks (De Nieuwe Dokken (Gent), Mechelen Noord (Mechelen), De Staak (Opwijk)…) are exploring self-production and consumption by creating local energy communities where supply and demand are tuned to each other. Besides production and consumption, the control of the electricity flows, as well as storage of excess energy are important aspects to a viable and reliable self-supporting energy system.

Independency from the grid does not only save in electricity costs, it also means that in case of a blackout, like predicted to happen in November 2018, the site can keep being operational saving large amounts of money in pay for employees that cannot work, but also products that can’t be finished, missed deadlines, etc. It is clear that the project makes sense in an ecological way, but also economically companies can see enormous benefits from becoming usage-driven Power-Stations.

The past years Cordeel Temse centralized its production activities on this site called ’De Zaat’ with a final centralization in 2019. Buildings SCH (joinery) and K (Head Quarter offices) will be fully operational in the first half of 2019. With a yearly consumption of 1.712 MWh in 2016, 2.049 MWh in 2017, projected 2.397 MWh in 2018 and finally 2.797 MWh in 2019 it is clear that the expansion of the site brings an increase in energy consumption and as a solution we aim to locally produce, store and manage sustainable energy.

Taking into account the complete electrification of the fleet, there will be a need to 4.300MWh on a yearly base.  This transition is foreseen in the goals of Cordeel to happen during the next 6 years. To deal with this challenge, we will setup a Mobility Management Platform created by inMove2, where the fleet will be integrated into this local energy system (LES). Based on the user information of this project we will be able to create a parking management system that predicts a perfect charging scheme taking into account V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and Smart Charging to balance the LES.

The context of this project is to create a living lab situation on the production site of Cordeel Temse, that can be used as demonstration site to roll out our business model in the future, starting from the initial Flemish concept. 

Project Details


February 1th, 2019


Cordeel NV




Imtech NV

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